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Decreasing the Effects of Aging Hormones

Equol has a rare ability to affect the delicate balance of hormones necessary for healthy skin. It binds only with hormones that affect skin negatively and does not affect other important hormones and their functions.

The balance between estrogens and androgens in the body is key to skin quality. Estrogens decrease MMPs, which break down collagen and elastin, while increasing:

  • Production of collagen and elastin
  • Blood flow
  • Moisture and turgor of skin
  • Viability of fibroblasts
  • Decrease MMPs (which break down collagen and elastin)

Androgens counterbalance estrogens, doing exactly the opposite. During menopause, this balance becomes disrupted, leading to a decline in skin quality. Women have a significant decline in collagen production during the first five years after menopause.

Equol restores skin’s components in a positive manner (similar to 17β-estradiol) by preventing the skin-damaging effects of androgens and binding specifically to 5α-DHT. It has an affinity for estrogen receptor beta having similar benefits of natural estrogen by facilitating gene and protein expression without the harmful effects of natural estrogen (ERα) and the biological mechanisms favorable for skin anti-aging.


Increases GOOD ESTROGEN-LIKE actions in skin which supports healthy skin components

Decreases BAD ANDROGEN actions in skin which decreases healthy skin components

Decreases FINE and MEDIUM lines and wrinkles for a smoother, brighter appearance


Equol provides a powerful optimizer for the youthful effect of positive estrogens while reducing the dramatic aging effect of androgens.

By providing this shift back to a more optimized hormone pattern, your skin can return back to its youthful ability to create healthy skin architecture for a more radiant, smooth and hydrated appearance.

Learn how Equol Rejuvenates Youthful Genetic Expression
and Forms a Natural Reservoir in skin