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Frequently Asked Questions

Is yü InfiniSerum only for women?

No. Though women experience greater shifts in the hormone changes that lead to reduced collagen production, similar changes occur in men, and the active ingredients in yü InfiniSerum will provide the same anti-aging benefits.

At what age should I start using yü InfiniSerum?

Collagen production peaks in the mid-30s. While patients in their 20s may receive some benefit from the product, their collagen and elastin are typically already at optimal levels, and they will not see a significant change in their skin appearance.

How soon can I expect to see results?

The results of use vary patient to patient over time. You should see an immediate hydration and silky feeling to your skin, followed by facial features looking brighter and more radiant. Over time and with continued use, the face appearance will show a reduction in fine and medium lines and wrinkles, better “bounce-back” quality, and an evening in skin-tone.

How long do I need to keep using yü InfiniSerum?

yü InfiniSerum works to significantly slow down the aging process to improve the youthful appearance of skin. Upon discontinuing its use, your skin will revert back to its “normal” state for your age. We recommend continued use of yü InfiniSerum for as long as you wish to enjoy its anti-aging benefits.

How long will one bottle of yü InfiniSerum last?

 Our 1 oz. bottle is designed to last about 1 month of daily usage. Depending on the amount you use and number of applications, the length of time varies.

Can other products be used with yü InfiniSerum?

Yes. yü InfiniSerum can be used with your SPF sunscreen, moisturizer, make up, etc. We recommend you apply is to clean, dry skin before applying any other product for optimal skin benefits.

Does yü InfiniSerum need to be refrigerated?

No. yü InfiniSerum should be stored in a generally cool, dry place, but does not need to be refrigerated.

Why do I need to see a professional to get yü InfiniSerum?

Your skin is your body’s largest organ. You’ll want a thorough evaluation of any possible problems before you use any healthcare product. We encourage you to stop getting your skin care advice from a department store clerk with only sales knowledge, and rely on your healthcare professional for help.

Do you test on animals?