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There are three major contributors to aging skin: genetics, hormones, and the environment.
Equol has been proven to effectively battle all three.

Rejuvenating Genetic Expression for Youthful, Beautiful Skin

Aging effects the expression of genes in skin. The production of collagen, elastin, and other healthy skin architectural decreases and bad enzymes (MMPs) increase in skin.

Equol works with your genes to reverse these negative effects in skin. Not only does it dramatically boost your skin's ability to produce collagen and elastin, but it also inhibits the MMPs that break down youthful skin.

In clinical studies, Equol has shown results that the cosmecuetical world has never seen before:

The main supportive protein of skin; a major component of connective tissue, giving it strength and flexibility
An elastic, fibrous protein, similar to collagen, and the major connective tissue protein of elastic fibers
Proteases, which ar eapable of degrading all kinds of extracellular matrix proteins like collagen, elastin, fibrillin, etc.
An inhibitor of MMP degradation; also able to promote cell proliferation


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Decreasing the Effects of Aging Hormones

Equol recalibrates the effects of hormonal imbalance due to aging to restore skin's youthful appearance. As we age, our hormone balance also changes and our skin no longer has the ability to create healthy architectural components or fight off the MMPs that degrade them.  Equol recalibrates and optimizes hormone effects to a more youthful balance.
Its effects include: 

Increases GOOD ESTROGEN-LIKE actions in skin which supports healthy skin components

Decreases BAD ANDROGEN actions in skin which decreases healthy skin components

Decreases FINE and MEDIUM lines and wrinkles for a smoother, brighter appearance


Learn more about Equol's Hormone Science


Equol is truly unique in how it works in your skin.

Equol forms a natural reservoir in the epidermis to continually release its benefits over long periods of time (8 to 20 hours).


Other cosmetic formulas do not have any lasting effects because they are not able to form this natural reservoir with sustained release of their active ingredients.

Learn more about Equols' natural reservoir effect

Decreasing the Effects of Environmental Damage on Skin

sky_circle.pngSun exposure, climate, pollution, and even gravity all combine to prematurely age skin. Learn how Equol and InfiniSerum's other actives combat the effects of environmental damage.


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