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InfiniSerum® is now accompanied by two amazing complements: InfiniCleanse™ - a gentle yet powerful foaming cleanser,  and InfiniPlex™ - a deep moisturizer with protective anti-aging actives. All three products contain the ever-impressive Equol molecule and combine to form our simple 1-2-3 routine for Skin That Knows No Age.®


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InfiniCleanse is the perfect start to any advanced anti-aging skincare routine - it cleanses, tones, and prepares skin in one simple step. Its deep but gentle cleansing treatment whisks away dirt and debris, without the use of harsh chemicals that strip the skin of natural oils. Its moisturizers keep skin soft and hydrated while  supplying nourishment to strengthen skin architecture. 

InfiniCleanse contains a powerful blend of ingredients including Equol - the anti-aging molecule - designed to: 

• cleanse skin from impurities.

• maintain pH balance and tone skin

• provide powerful antioxidant effects and protection against free-radicals

• prepare the skin to receive the anti-aging actives found in InfiniSerum® and InfiniPlex™

Learn more about InfiniCleanse’s active ingredients

InfiniSerum’s potent blend of anti-aging actives have been studied and proven to dramatically increase skin’s ability to act like its former youthful self. Its ingredients, including Equol – the anti-aging molecule - help to recalibrate youthful genetic expression, counteract the negative effects of hormone imbalances caused by aging, and provide visible improvements to skin’s appearance over time, including: 

• reducing the appearance of fine and medium wrinkles and lines

• evening out skin tone

• providing hydration

• restoring healthy levels of skin architecture like collagen, elastin, and fibrillin

• increasing skin’s ability to “bounce-back” into place

• smooth overall skin texture

• brighten overall complexion

• reduce the appearance of sagging

Learn more about InfiniSerum’s active ingredients

InfiniPlex is a moisturizer like no other. It provides maximum hydration and enhances skin’s natural protective barriers against environmental damage all while providing proven anti-aging technology. Its formula includes powerful moisturizers like sugar beet extract, olive fruit extract, sandalwood, phellodendron bark and barley extracts, as well as our propriety complex of skin barrier renewers, powerful antioxidants, and the ever unmatched Equol – the anti-aging molecule. These ingredients leave skin feeling hydrated, radiant, supple, and youthful by: 

• reducing the appearance of age spots and damaged skin

• helping to protect against damage from sun and free-radical exposure

• boosting collagen, elastin, and fibrillin

• providing moisture to skin and helping maintain skin’s water balance

• promoting hydration retention in skin (protecting against moisture-loss)

Learn more about InfiniPlex’s active ingredients